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Pulled-Pork Pancakes with JD Maple Syrup

 As a restaurant frequenter and foodie, I love Vancouver in its entirety because it features some of the BEST restaurants. I think I can safely say that brunch is probably my favourite meal… Continue reading

Les Croissants

Easily the most famous French pastry, the croissant is enjoyed by many around the world. With the growth of coffee culture, croissants have become widely available. But what makes a good croissant? One word comes… Continue reading

The One with the Birthday & 3 Dineouts

My favourite thing about birthdays?? I get to pig out!!! oink oink.. Many of my friends find it enviable that my birthday usually falls on the week of Dineout Vancouver. Dineout is an… Continue reading

Graduating Panda!

Graduation. It is a huge stepping stone no matter how many times you do it! I often have mix feelings about this. It’s such a proud and majestic moment but the future can… Continue reading

Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat Cake!

Who doesn’t love the good ol’ Kit Kat? Dating back to 1935, this milk chocolate wafer and its familiar red packaging has won the hearts of many! Since the rise of its popularity,… Continue reading

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