Bacon Wrapped Halibut with Roasted Vegetables and Beurre Blanc

Hi Folks, you guys are probably wondering where I disappeared to. I sincerely apologize for my laziness absence. Oh gosh! This is probably the longest gap I’ve had! Oh don’t you worry, this… Continue reading

A Hawaiian Challah Back at Ya!

Hey folks! I’m back from Hawaii!! I’ve been travelling around Europe and Hawaii and I’m finally back… What’s that? Yeah, I TOTALLY miss baking! I had the baking itch everywhere on me! It… Continue reading

Crispy Chocolate Almond Cookies

Have you ever baked on impulse? Just because you needed a dessert, you decide to make a single cupcake, some cookies, or fallback on a foolproof trusted recipe? I have! In fact I… Continue reading

Nutella Marble Pound Cake

If you ever feel like a treat, pound cakes are the way to go! They’re very simple and quick to make. Also, they serve as a de-stressing therapy! I recently had to move,… Continue reading

Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love (April 2012) – Roundup

At last, here is the long-awaited round up for Aspiring Bakers #18 Layers of Love. I’m sure most of you are eager to see the wonderful cakes created by our creative fellow bloggers.… Continue reading

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