Snowball Almond Cookies

Have you ever tasted snowballs? Well, these ones are the sweetest I’ve ever had!¬†They were so wonderful! Not only were they delicious, but also quick and simple to make. I thoroughly savoured them… Continue reading

Edible Santa Hats

12 days to Christmas! I know I say this every year, but time sure flies. I’ve been really excited to commence on my Christmas baking and my to-bake list ain’t getting any shorter!… Continue reading

Sweet and Savoury Scones

mmmm…. I LOVE scones! And i love the fact that they taste great whether sweet or savoury! From the name of my blog and my creations, you may have already guessed that I… Continue reading

Cookie Monster’s Got a Friend!

“This is the song La la la la ELMO’S SONG La la la la La la la la ELMO’S SOOONG!!!” Elmo’s here too! Now, who doesn’t love Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes? It… Continue reading

Graduating Panda!

Graduation. It is a huge stepping stone no matter how many times you do it! I often have mix feelings about this. It’s such a proud and majestic moment but the future can… Continue reading

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