Get-Well-Soon Bears

This is dedicated to a girl who is so strong and courageous. She’s one toughie I tell ya! Even a week before her surgery, she climbed the grouse grind, did regular hot yoga… Continue reading

Halloween Spiders!

Yay for Halloween! I love Halloween! I love dressing up, I love trick-or-treating, I love Jack-O-Lanterns, I love CHOCOLATES and I love HALLOWEEN SPIDER CUPCAKES!!! Aren’t they super duper adorable? Well, as their… Continue reading

Checkered Lapis: Kue Lapis Legit Tikar

When I was 5, my fourth aunt bought my family this unique checkered lapis cake from Malaysia. It was so moist, delicious and simply unforgettable… A few months later however, absolutely no one… Continue reading

Malaysian Mini Sponge Cake: Kuih Bahulu, & Kuih Cara Manis

I finally got my Kuih Bahulu mould thanks to my sister, Tiara, for buying, and Alice for importing it to Vancouver! Kuih Bahulu is a traditional Malaysian mini sponge cake baked in special… Continue reading

Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake: Kue Lapis Legit

    UPDATE: Please also see tips and a different recipe of Kue Lapis Legit in my later post. I DID IT!           I actually made the legendary classic… Continue reading

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