My Cornbread Experiment

A largely popular dish especially in Southern United States and Mexico, cornbread is an easy and delicious staple for many. For myself, I love it as a dessert! In this post I explore… Continue reading

Angry Birds Cupcakes!!

Inspired from the Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake, I decided to make my own Angry Birds Cupcakes! My ex co-worker Peter was also leaving Vancouver for law school in Kingston! We worked at… Continue reading

Red & Blue Velvet Cupcakes for a Baby Shower!

So 2 of my co-workers gave birth to 2 beautiful and healthy babies! I couldn’t think of a better gift that I could offer them other than some baby cupcakes! And since one… Continue reading

I’m Going Bananas on Monkey Island!

I promise you that these are edible for homo sapiens too! They’re also chimply delicious. 😉 I’ve had this obsession with Banana Bread since forever and I thought it’d be cute to put… Continue reading

Playable Angry Birds Cake!!

I was told not to play with my food as a child… But I guess you would make an exception for this! Tara shared this with me on Facebook and I thought I… Continue reading

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