Pandan Chocolate Zebra Chiffon Cake

Today is a special day that I haven’t had the chance of celebrating in many years now. At this time of the year I’m usually enjoying the lovely summer in Vancouver. Fresh berries,… Continue reading

2-Ingredient Crepe

Really? Just 2?!¬†YES, REALLY. And no, I’m not referring to “pancake mix and milk”. I’ve discovered possibly the easiest crepe recipe that you could make even with your eyes closed. (okay, maybe one… Continue reading

Indonesian Sweet Pancakes: Martabak Manis (Guest Blogging Special!)

When I received Raymund’s email to do a guest blog posting, I was both thrilled and honoured! I’ve always been a fan of Filipino cuisine and Ang Sarap is my “go to” blog… Continue reading

10-Minute Shrimp Cakes

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard of crab cakes and the majority of us have tried them in our favourite restaurants. But crab meat isn’t the most accessible or the cheapest in price.… Continue reading

Cassava Cake with Banana and Chocolate Drizzle

So, I’ve always been a fan of cassava cakes. Cassavas are cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions, and thus are very popular in Southeast Asia. It almost feels like cassava cakes have conquered… Continue reading

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