About Me

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sam who disliked food. When she was little, she would rebelliously run around during meal times, defying any food on her plate. Things began to change when Sam left Singapore and went to The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Forced to cook, Sam was mostly unsuccessful in the kitchen and nothing was quite edible. A sudden appreciation of food then began to take form. However, as a starving student, Sam could not afford to be picky. She became very open-minded about food, which was excellent for a someone living in this global city. Sam tried different ethnic cuisines and ventured on unfamiliar names on every menu. This experience with exotic foods had fostered a versatile and diverse palette for various cuisines. A passion began to develop and sooner than she realized, she LIVED TO EAT!

A year after her graduation, Sam had the idea of creating some cookie monster cupcakes one fine day. It was her first time ever making cupcakes and it sure was a challenge for her. Of course she had to get some help from Ms. Betty Crocker. The cupcakes turned out to be a success (how can you fail from Betty Crocker?) and won praises from all her friends. Ever since then, she was hooked. She never knew how much joy baking could bring to both herself and to those around her! The baking had since continued and alas, Sweet Samsations was born!


Hello and welcome all! My name is Samantha and please make yourself comfortable here! I am of Singaporean and Indonesian heritage, but have also lived in Vancouver, B.C. for many years.

What can I say? I simply love food and probably have more pictures of food than I have of people! Also, about 90% of my disposable income goes to groceries and eating out!

When I’m not looking up recipes or stuck in the aisle of the baking section, you can catch me at my daily hot yoga after my long day at work! I love learning different languages and knowing about different cultures, especially via the channel of food.

Bend it like Bikram Baby! @Angkor Wat

Bend it like Bikram Baby! @Angkor Wat

I am also seldom apart from my camera as I enjoy being a shutter-bug. Ever since I had started this blog, my love for food photography intensified along with it. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I spend a lot of time decorating, styling and taking pictures of my food, followed by selectively editing them. As inconvenient and time-consuming it may be, I believe that great pictures are the essence of a food blog, and I aim for a quality that brings richness to my content. With that being said, I hope that my food styling and photography skills will some day reach that of a professional level!

Thank you all for your support! All your comments, views and subscriptions act as my source of motivation!

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact me at samsumarli@gmail.com

I Love YOU!

Sweet Samsations