Angry Birds Cupcakes!!

Inspired from the Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake, I decided to make my own Angry Birds Cupcakes! My ex co-worker Peter was also leaving Vancouver for law school in Kingston! We worked at Bell and sold many iPhones together! Hence, I thought this would be a great farewell gift to him.ย Here’s a bird’s eye view on the ingredients and instructions!

I made them with the same cupcake and frosting recipe from the Baby Shower Velvet Cupcakesย .

Angry Birds Cupcakes


Red, Blue & Green Dye for Frosting

Chocolate Frosting in frosting pen

Shredded Coconut dyed Red & Green

Yellow Gummy Wedges

White & Black Chocolate Chips


Red Angry Bird

Frost a red velvet cupcake with red frosting
Insert eyes by icing black chocolate chips onto white chocolate chips (All eyes are the same)
Position beak below by cutting a third of yellow gummy wedge
Use a white frosting for its semi-circle belly
Use sprinkle dyed shredded coconuts on the remainder of the cupcake
Draw eyebrows with chocolate frosting

It should look like this…

Red Angry Birds

Original Angry Bird

White Angry Bird

White frosting on top
Chocolate chip eyes
Wedges for beak and sides of its cheek
Chocolate frosting for eyebrows and hair

White Angry Bird Cupcake

White Angry Bird Original

Blue Angry Bird

Everything is pretty much the same as the above except for its red cheeks!
I used jellybeans for its hair too

Blue Angry Birds

The Pigs

I dipped some marshmallows into the green dye and used them for its ears and nose
I then added chocolate chips to the nose for its nostrils
Add a little smile underneath its nose and draw his eyebrows with chocolate frosting

The Green Evil Pigs

Original Pigs

And finally, the EGGS!

Eggs Cupcake

Green frosting and green shredded coconut
Chocolate frosting in the middle
I used jellybeans for three white eggs.
Icing gels for the flowers

There you go! My Angry Birds Cupcakes collection!!

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Just for you Peter!


Now, you can get your feathers ruffled and try it out too!