Earl Grey Cookies with Dark Chocolate

Wouldn’t it be lovely to pay only for a box of all the ingredients you’ll only need for what you’re baking? And God no, I’m not referring to cake mixes. Enjoy the full baking from scratch experience without the hassle of measuring, portioning, and shopping for individual ingredients when you purchase a Baking Kit with BakeStarters. I gotta say, I’ve never had so few dirty dishes to do post-baking before! With a recipe card that’s easy to follow, these Earl Grey Cookies came out perfectly in no time. Just in time for Christmas!


These cookies were really popular with my family and friends. The compliments were shortly followed with requests for the recipe. And that’s when you know for sure what you made was awesome when your friends start to ask for your recipe and even tell you what event they’ll want to make it for. Well, folks, lemme tell ya, it really couldn’t get any easier than this!


BakeStarters has also recently launched a monthly subscription service, where you’ll get a surprise gourmet baking kit with fresh and real ingredients delivered right to your doorsteps. (eg: butter, cream cheese etc.) You’ll know the ingredients beforehand, but not the actual dessert itself! The subscription kit will consist of much more elaborate and impressive treats. Each subscriber will also gain access to the Subscription Portal, which allows them to cancel the subscription easily, or even skip a delivery if they are too busy to bake that month!
P.S. Here’s a special discount code for you! – SUBSCRIBE15. Get 15% off the first subscription box, which delivers in January 2017! Great time to put baking on your New Year’s resolution! Otherwise, don’t you agree this makes an awesome Secret Santa gift?
Merry Christmas everyone! It’s been an exciting year!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow these look really good!!!!

  2. agnesstramp says:

    Cookies are always a good option, and these ones are amazing! Love the addition of dark chocolate!

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